Keith Forshaw Counselling

My Practice

I acknowledge the character and personal style of each person and see my role, as a Psychologist, to facilitate the changes that people seek, or to help identify behaviors that may not be working well for them.  My approach to providing therapy is humanistic and goal-directed.  I work collaboratively with clients and assist each person in the development of plans and strategies which are both practical and solution-focused.

My professional and life experiences also enable me to be particularly capable of providing informed, realistic support and direction in the following areas:

- relationship issues
- work related issues
- life transitions
- adjustment to life circumstances (including loss and grief)
- cross-cultural issues
- self-esteem and self-confidence issues
- parenting skills
- school issues (for their children)

Children and adolescents
- school related concerns
- behavioral issues (including lack of confidence and social isolation)
- loss and grief

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My fees are $150 (+ applicable taxes) per session and are slightly lower than the recommended rate set by the B.C. Psychological Association.  If you have extended medical coverage, all or part of this fee is likely covered for a certain number of sessions.  If you are unsure, please contact your insurance company to inquire about the extent of your coverage. 

Clients may pay by cash, cheque, bank card or VISA and I provide a receipt which can be submitted for reimbursement under your extended medical plan or for an income tax deduction as a medical expense. 

Many clients have coverage for counselling support provided through their Employee and Family Assistance Plans. Upon request, my service is available (at no charge) through the following Employee and Family Assistance Plans:

- Optum Health Services (formerly PPC Canada) ------------------ 1-800-663-9099
- Shepell.fgi ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-800-387-4765
- Homewood Health (formerly Homewood Human Solutions) ---- 1-800-663-1142

As a Registered Provider, my services are also available to Veterans, members of the Canadian Forces and their families. I also work with clients of WorkSafe BC and the Crime Victim Assistance Program.

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My practice is located in Victoria
Please feel free to call me at: 250-516-3042.      
You may leave a confidential voice mail and I will return your call quickly.
I will also receive your e-mail messages:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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